Mary Kelly has consulted to executives in the following industries:

Advertising / Design


Computer Software








…and several non-profit organizations, including:

The AmericorpS Program

The Hazelden Foundation

The National Association of Women Business Owners



If we had to name one individual who has made the most significant contribution to our agency in the past two and a half years, it would be, without a doubt, Mary Kelly.

The Executive Group, McKinney
Joni Madison, SVP, COO
David Baldwin, SVP, Ex CD
Steve Boase, CFO
Cameron McNaughton, SVP Dir. Client Services
John Klein, SVP Media Dir.
Janet Northen, SVP Dir. Of Communication

In twenty-three years of managing a broad array of highly diverse talents across both mature and start-up organizations, I've worked with literally hundreds of consultants.

In organizational and leadership development, I can point to only three who've made a real and lasting difference. High on that short list is Mary Kelly.

Mary has an uncanny ability to get people to confront reality, to understand their strengths, to see and work around their blind spots. Those who resisted her arrival most became her strongest fans. And she gave me the chance to take over an organization that works.

Brad Brinegar
CEO, McKinney - Raleigh, North Carolina
Former CEO, Leo Burnett - Chicago, Illinois

Mary has worked with The Rainbow Companies for five years, consulting executive, management and sales teams in five different organizations. Every person she has worked with agrees that what she brings not only has made a significant difference in their effectiveness at work, but also in their personal lives. She has brought me tools and know-how to do my job much more effectively as the President/ CEO.

Because of her consulting our companies have not only grown significantly, but we have become more profitable. She has helped us create stability. The difference she has made is lasting and very significant.

If a company has high potential and human issues are stalling the process, Mary can make all the difference. She has been invaluable, easily paying for herself in multiples.

Tom Prosser
CEO / Chairman
Rainbow Treecare Companies
Minnetonka, MN

Mary delivered a superlative consultation. Her efforts were the catalyst for a bunch of physicians to become a team of competent executives.

In reviewing the body of work we completed I am impressed by the breadth and depth of the development, and I am confident in the concepts and tools we have been given.

Alan Radke MD, MPH
Medical Director
Department of Human Services
State of Minnesota

As design firm principals, it had never occurred to us that our firm itself could be "designed." Mary helped us organize the business appropriate to our needs as we doubled in size.

She also developed our management team - mostly people with little experience - into a cohesive, effective team and into effective managers individually.

Hideki Yamamoto
Miranda Moss

Yamamoto Moss (YMM)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary helped us move beyond our relationship as siblings and into a professional management relationship. She also helped refine our business hierarchy and moved us toward making decisions based on hard data instead of merely gut instincts.

Our entire management team benefited from her knowledge not only of how to manage, but also how to interrelate with peers effectively. All of this resulted in far greater efficiency and increased profits.

Dr. Edward A. Rothschild, II
Dr. Peter A. Rothschild

Louisville, Kentucky

Mary Kelly is the best consultant – the best people person – we have ever had at John Ryan Company.

John Ryan
Chairman / CEO, John Ryan Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary Kelly is an extraordinary person. She has helped us define our roles as business partners, helped us define what we really want and has supported us in establishing a team to fulfill those intentions. It is magic to know that the things that cause anxiety can be changed.

Lori and Traci Tapani
Wyoming Machine
Stacy, Minnesota

Before I started working with Mary I thought I was an effective manager, and that the reason it wasn't working was my staff. What Mary has provided is access to truly powerful, effective management skills that have transformed me and my staff to an entirely new level of performance.

Karen Houle
President, University Language Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary Kelly helped me take control of my life, my career and my company in ways I had never even considered, and prepared me to move to new heights in my life and career. I love her!

Angela Shelton
Author, Finding Angela Shelton
CEO, Hillhopper Productions
Los Angeles, CA

Mary's executive training has helped me grow my business, and grow my abilities to handle the new responsibilities. Without her help my old style would have been a disaster waiting to happen and/or I would not have been able to catch the growth in my industry.

Stein Olson
ATICD Computers, Software
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bejing and Hong Kong, China

I leveraged Mary Kelly's influence throughout our company, and we have realized a return on investment many, many times the cost of her services. Hiring her is one of those decisions I get to look back on and call a "homerun"!

Matt Van Hommissen
CEO, President
Ochs Brick Company
Springfield, Minnesota

I got a better awareness of what I use to win when I get backed into a corner. The consulting allowed us to move out of our repeating patterns and go forward. I don't even think about playing games anymore, because now I can communicate.

Mike Pascuzzi
Pascuzzi, Hedblad & Company
San Jose, California